Encryption for highly regulated industries, small business & individuals

Zero knowledge – total
privacy and confidentiality
Password authenticated
accounts and access
Owner-controlled 2048-bit
encryption of documents
Sharing of documents to 3rd
parties via secure facilities read more
Industry-standard secure
transfer of documents
Stringent policy for account
Additional-layer encryption
at rest in the cloud
Off the shelf option using
Your Digital File platform
Digital asset auditing and
document integrity
White label solutions tailored
to your organisation
Access restrictions

ISO 27001 2013 Certified
ISO 27001:2013
Info Sec Certified System


Secure2client Ceo

C-Suite Execs & Board Members

Working with business leaders to address security and governance issues around information security in your organizational structure.

Secure2client It

IT, Security & Risk Professionals

For IT, Security and Risk professionals seeking assistance to secure information by
integrating with constraints around infrastructure, budget and resources.

Secure2client Developers

Technology Providers

Partnering with technology providers seeking to retain client trust and enhance software
offerings with world-class, patented security. Collaborate and partner with us.


Cyber threats are increasing and listed in the top five global priorities for 2018. 

According to the Global Risks Report for 2018, cyber risks are in the top 5 of global priorities. The world’s increasing interconnectedness and pace heightens our vulnerability to attacks that cause not only isolated and temporary disruptions, but radical and irreversible systemic shocks.

Cyberspace has revolutionised how many of us live and work. The internet, with its more than 3 billion users, is powering economic growth, increasing collaboration and innovation, and creating jobs. Worldwide we have a population of 7.6 billion but we have 8.4 billion devices which is expected to exceed 20 billion by 2020. This creates a lot of vulnerabilities for organisations.

Protecting key information is of critical importance to the sustainability and competitiveness of businesses today. Companies need to be on the front foot in terms of their cyber preparedness.

Cyber breaches recorded by businesses have almost doubled in five years. In 2016, companies revealed breaches of more than 4 billion data records. Financial costs continue to escalate. Corporate governance demands action from shareholders and management.

18 081 Threat Environment Graphic


Average data security breach cost to organisation
Current devices being used
The amount of time it takes for organisations to identify a breach
Companies who have experienced malicious cyber attacks
Current world population
In 2016, more than 4 million records were reported breached worldwide

Cyber risks

Companies who have experienced malicious cyber attacks
Cyber security breaches as a result of employees
Cyber security breaches as a results of systems


Benefits of Cryptoloc Technology Enterprise Solutions

Strategic Benefits

Corporate decision making is improved through the high visibility of risk exposure, both for individual activities and major projects, across the whole of the organisation.

Financial Benefits

Providing financial benefit to the organisation through the reduction of losses and improved “value for money” potential.

Operational Benefits

Organisations are prepared for most eventualities, being assured of adequate contingency plans.

Benefits of Cryptoloc® Enterprise Solutions

Technology customised for enterprise and government to meet compliance requirements

Customised solutions that can be applied to any industry sector – academic, health, government, defence, transport, financial.

Tailored solutions around your use of information at rest and in motion.

Solutions to compliance challenges such as GDPR

Reduced overheads

Reduced risk – law suits and reputation risk

Increase in confidentiality and information controls and monitoring

Increase in governance around privacy and security

Increase in client protection and retention

Our guarantee to you

We uniquely encrypt each and every file with our patented encryption mechanism.


A  solution that organisations can use to secure their documents at rest or in transit.


Zero Knowledge

Files are encrypted on your PC, Mac or smartphone before they are uploaded to the cloud.  Access to your encrypted files depends on a private key (that only your organisation possess). Your cloud provider has no access to your encrypted files, they have zero knowledge of your company stored files.


Cryptoloc® puts you in control of the files you upload to the cloud. Only you can authorise who can view, modify and download them.

You can share access to different versions of a file with different users, and you can revoke access to various recipients if desired.

Your cloud provider has no administrative control of your files.  As an additional feature, Cryptoloc® allows a full audit and log of all users, changes, uploads and downloads to assist with version control, audit of processes and access.

Unbreakable Administration

The encryption key generated for each file stored via Cryptoloc® is split into three parts. Each part is encrypted and stored separately in the cloud. One part is stored in your cloud access account, the second part is stored by your cloud provider, and the third is stored in the Escrow’s account.

Normally, you need only your part of a file encryption key and the part provided by your cloud provider to access a file stored in the cloud. If you lose your access for some reason, you can recover access to your files on the cloud by requesting an “escrow recovery”.

Your cloud provider cannot re-create access to your files without intervention from the “Escrow”.  The Escrow is a trusted third party who can assist you if you lose your private key or if you wish to pass ownership of your files to someone else.  Note that the Escrow does not know your private key, they only know how to start a one-way process to “re-key” access to your files for you.

This means you can always recover access to your files on the cloud even if you lose your private key or forget your account password.

Compartmentalized Storage & Sharing

Cryptoloc® File Storage

Each file stored using Cryptoloc® is locked with a different random cryptographic access key so that even if one file’s key is discovered, the same key cannot be used to unlock any other file.

Using the Cryptoloc® system, only the owner of the file can unlock that file; unless they specifically grant access to another person via Cryptoloc’s file-sharing feature.

Each time a file is updated using Cryptoloc®, a new version of the file is locked and stored. This allows file owners to share different versions of the same file with various people if desired.

Cryptoloc® File-Sharing

To share access to a stored file with another person, Cryptoloc® creates an access record for that person for that file only.

Each time a file is shared with a new person, a new access key specific to that person is created. This means that one stored file could have many different access keys.

If a file is shared with an external party using Cryptoloc’s SecureShare feature, then the recipient only has access to the version of the file at the time it was shared to them. Subsequent updates to the file cannot be accessed by external parties unless the owner uses Cryptoloc® to create a new access key for each new version.

Crytographic Forest graphic

The Cryptographic Forest 

File sharing via Cryptoloc®  looks a bit like a forest of trees:

  • each tree represents a file uploaded by the owner;
  • every share of a file adds a branch to the tree;
  • old branches can be removed (i.e. revoking access);
  • removing a tree cancels all shares (i.e. the branches fall off the tree).


Organisations need to ensure that their data is protected in three states: at rest, in use, and in motion/transit. Each state presents unique security challenges that Cryptoloc Technology can mitigate.

Data in Use

Data in Use is more vulnerable than data at rest because, by definition, it must be accessible to those who need it. Of course, the more people and devices that have access to the data, the greater the risk that it will end up in the wrong hands at some point.

Data at Rest

Data is at Rest when it is stored on any device or network. In this relatively secure state, information is primarily protected by conventional perimeter-based defences such as firewalls and anti-virus programs. However, these barriers are not impenetrable.

Data in Motion

The term Data in Motion quite literally refers to data when it is moving from one place to another. For transportation of data in this manner, many different types of networks can be used. This includes the internet or email. Data is at its most vulnerable when it is in motion, and protecting information in this state requires specialized capabilities from providers such as Cryptoloc Technology.

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