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The world’s most secure way to share documents via email.

Cryptoloc’s powerful electronic document signing platform allows you to share and sign legally binding documents safely and securely. With our patented technology and multi-factor authentication process, you can revolutionise your contract process and be confident that your privacy is protected.

Fully encrypted document delivery

Cryptoloc’s patented technology enables you to share and sign documents without compromising security or risking a costly data breach.

Unique verification service

Cryptoloc’s multi-factor authentication process ensures that only the intended recipients can view and sign your documents.

Request and receive digital signatures

Automatically generate fully admissible digital signature certificates that are legally binding and accepted by most judiciaries worldwide.

Seamless integration

Send fully encrypted documents straight from Microsoft Outlook and work the way you always have. Also available as an AWS API or custom solution to conveniently integrate with your systems and procedures. 

Full audit trail

Know who accesses your data and when. With each document assigned its own separate audit trail, you can track every change and access any version of your content.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Save money, time and the planet. Securely digitising your contracts and agreements can help reduce your costs, paper consumption and carbon emissions.

Cryptoloc’s patented Encryption Technology is a world leading cybersecurity platform. Companies and individuals seeking to minimise and eliminate their exposure to cyber attacks should look no further than Cryptoloc.

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