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Secure2client is the secure way for organisations to securely share files to clients and third parties. We help you to securely share what matters to you and your clients.

Secure2client Secure Document Delivery

Secure2client is an API for integrating secure document delivery using encryption enabled by Cryptoloc Technology.

Secure2client Credibility Assurance

Secure2client is a visible and credible assurance to customers, partners and third parties that you take cyber security seriously.

Secure2client Minimises Risk

Secure2client minimises an organisations risk exposure when sending private or confidential information.

Secure2client Secure Documents

Secure2client is one way to secure documents in transit.

Secure2client Budget

Secure2client is a solution that suits those constrained by budget, resources and cyber security priorities.

Secure2client Aws Marketplace

Secure2client is delivered via an API available on AWS Marketplace to allow rapid integration with existing software & systems.To visit go to:

Secure2client Scalable

Secure2client is scalable and easy.

Cyber Risk Profiles

Secure2client Ceo

For CEO / Board / C-suites

  • Identified risk in information handling.
    • Deliver confidential, private information that needs to be kept secure.
    • Governance around information.
    • Rapidly treat gaps in the dissemination of personal information.
    • Predictable costs.
    • Easy and fast to implement and scalable.
    • Provides security that is tangible.
    • Visible – you are seen to be doing something different
    • Secure2client is part of a suite of secure and share solutions enabled by
    Cryptoloc Technology.
Secure2client It

For Security Leaders (IT, Privacy, Governance, Risk)

  • The Secure2client API lets you add secure delivery of documents to your business platform.
  • Key features:
    – Encrypted communication
    – Secure delivery of personal information
    – Secure document delivery with 2 factor authentication
    – At scale deployment of unique per object encryption
    – Share and distribute with confidence
    – Can be upgraded to Platinum level product with Zero Trust, customisation & personalisation.
  • Quick implementation.
  • Within current budget constraints.
  • Personalised communication
  • Can be customised to meet other department needs i.e.
  • Extensible.
Secure2client Developers

For Developers

  • Easy to implement
  • Support provided to assist with implementation
  • The Secure2client API lets you add secure delivery of documents to your business platform.
  • SDK and sample code available
  • Scalable
  • To visit on AWS Marketplace :


Secure2client Api

API controlled 2048-bit encryption

Secure2client Secure Sharing

Secure sharing of documents to 3rd parties via secure facilities

Secure2client Secure Transfer

Industry-standard secure transfer of documents

Secure2client Recovery

Stringent policy for account recovery

Secure2client Integrity

Digital asset auditing and document integrity

Secure2client White Label

White label solutions tailored to your organisation

Secure2client Access

Access restrictions

Secure2client Aws Marketplace

Secure2client is delivered via an API available on AWS Marketplace to allow rapid integration with existing software & systems.To visit go to:

Secure2client Friendly

User Friendly

Multi Factor Authentification

 Secure2client uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to deliver documents without login or clientside apps.

Secure2client Api Key

Enterprise platform authenticated via API credentials and API Key

How it works

Secure2client provides secure, verified electronic document delivery

1. The document to be sent is submitted for delivery along with the client’s email address and mobile number.
2. The document is encrypted and stored in the cloud.
3. An email is sent to the client with a web link to their unique document access page.
4. The client is sent a code in an SMS to the mobile number linked to the document.
5. They enter the access code and download the file securely.
6. Optionally, after reading, they can digitally sign the file.

Secure because:

• Authentication by SMS prevents unauthorised access to the email providing access to the file.
• The file is stored encrypted at rest, until the intended recipient accesses the file.
• The file is delivered to the client securely, only after authentication.

Verified because:
• All activities on the document are recorded.

Points of note:

Essentially, email was not designed for document delivery. Whilst it does person to person messaging well, it was never designed to securely share documents.

Encrypting email and using various email encryption add-ons does not work in a secure, convenient and user friendly manner.

What enterprises require is a separate method to deliver documents away from traditional email to reduce organizational and individual risk.

Secure2client does that for you.

Cloud Storage Secure Service

Example: General Use Case

You have a records management system that generates documents you wish to send securely to your clients. This could be statements, claims, payroll records, contracts, private and confidential communications with clients

Secure2client User Case


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