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The world’s most secure counterfeit prevention and detection solution.

Eradicate counterfeit products from the supply chain with the world’s most effective counterfeit prevention and detection solution, powered by Cryptoloc’s Quality Assurance technology. Verify the authenticity of your products with a QR code that cannot be duplicated. Receive notifications in real time when a fake code is scanned. Instantly.

Protect your brand from counterfeiters

Cryptoloc’s Quality Assurance technology makes it impossible to counterfeit a code without being detected. You can quickly identify counterfeit activities – from a single product to a whole shipment – and take immediate action.

Get real-time business insights

Every product has a full audit trail showing where and when it was scanned. Use Cryptoloc QA to track your product distribution and utilise built-in supply chain analytics.

Integrate with your existing processes

Easily implement Cryptoloc QA into your legacy production process and technologies. Enhanced customisation options are available to integrate Cryptoloc QA with your product or company app. 

Verify goods using the QA App

Use the Cryptoloc QA App to help customers authenticate their products. The QA App can be completely white labelled to ensure customers see your brand in action.

Ensure customer satisfaction

Remove counterfeit goods from the supply chain and ensure your customers get the quality products they paid for.

Instantly push recall notifications

Issue product recalls easily at the click of a button. A customer can instantly see if they have an affected product just by scanning the QA code.

Cryptoloc QA offers brand owners an effective tool to both prevent and detect counterfeiting operations. Its ability to easily integrate into existing production systems and processes offers producers a significant cost advantage over alternative solutions in the market.

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