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The world’s most secure digital platform, powered by Cryptoloc’s patented technology.

Incorporate the world’s strongest cybersecurity into your own products by developing and building on our secure digital platform. Our patented technology – developed in collaboration with an elite team of cryptographers, mathematicians, data scientists and software developers – can be deployed to virtually any application.

Build products on a secure foundation

Shield your software and build your products in a completely secure environment. No other platform has ever been able to guarantee the same protection as Cryptoloc, the secure internet alternative.

Multilayer encryption from end to end

Cryptoloc’s patented technology combines three different encryption algorithms into one unique process. Every piece of network data is protected by three different key pairs, stored in three separate locations.

Zero Knowledge protocols protect your data

Our escrow encryption key recovery process means we know nothing about the data you store with us. Your data is yours and yours alone, and it can only be accessed by the people you choose.

Eliminate traditional vulnerabilities

Attackers exploit vulnerable environments. Protect your software from the earliest stages of development with Cryptoloc’s secure platform and minimise your exposure to risk.

Track every change

Every piece of data has its own separate audit trail, and all users and actions are verified and accountable.

Endless applications

Cryptoloc’s secure solution can be deployed to develop and build virtually any product that requires first-class protection. Safeguard your reputation and futureproof your products with the world’s safest digital platform.

Cryptoloc’s patented Encryption Technology is a world leading cybersecurity platform. Companies and individuals seeking to minimise and eliminate their exposure to cyber attacks should look no further than Cryptoloc.

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