Secure Real Estate

Within the sector, property managers, brokers/agents, developers, appraisers, multiservice real estate firms and others hold significant amounts of confidential third-party information, either in the form of personally identifiable information or confidential corporate information stored in rental applications, credit reports, leases and rental agreements — all the type of information cybercriminals target.

Having measures in place for secure storing and sharing of confidential records will ensure that such data is safeguarded against possible identify theft and ensures compliance with data protection and privacy laws. The confidential data stored across multiple online and mobile devices must all be protected.

How real estate firms, therefore, decide to respond will have a substantial impact not only to their tenants’ and their own operational performance, but also increasingly on their overall corporate brand reputation.


The increasing use of online settlement facilities and payment facilities. The increase in data collection. The increase in the Internet of Things and smart building and system technology.

The rise of smart buildings is driving a rapid uptake of new interconnected technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and mobility.

In parallel with this, the growing focus on the experience of occupants means that Construction and Real Estate companies are holding dramatically increasing volumes of regulated personal data relating to individuals.

A highly mobile workforce.

Who poses risk?

Cyber Criminals Secure
Competitors Secure
Employees Secure
Financial Transactions
Online Settlement Systems
Employees Past Current
Behaviours Employee
Storage Data
Hackers External
Transit Data
3rd Party Software Providers
3rd Parties Communications

What information is valuable?

  • Financials – rental applications, credit reports, leases and rental agreements
  • Passwords, System access & Online settlement systems
  • Personal information, Employee records & Client lists
  • Access to Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Access to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Why is it valuable?

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Competitive Information


  • Financial transactions
  • Online settlement systems
  • Employees (current and past)
  • Employee behaviours
  • External hackers
  • Third party software providers
  • Data in storage
  • Data in transit
  • Communications – internally and with third parties

It is clear that the issue of cybersecurity in the Real Estate, Property and Construction sectors is both a very clear and present risk, but also one that needs to be tackled proactively.

Cryptoloc Technology helps organisations to secure what matters to your organisation and to provide a secure way to share information with third parties.  Providing data security solutions to help you retain customer and stakeholder trust.

Our guarantee to you

Cryptoloc® provides an exceptionally high level of security. We uniquely encrypt each and every file with our patented two-stage encryption algorithm.


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