Despite the lack of reported large-scale breaches in the manufacturing industry, the rising trend of interest in hacking cars remotely has placed this industry next to the healthcare sector in terms of data breach vulnerability. According to IBM’s report, the automotive sub-industry was the target of nearly 30 percent of the data breaches in manufacturing last year, closely followed by the chemical manufacturing sector.

In Sikich’s 2017 Manufacturing Report, theft of intellectual property is identified as one of the top reason of data breaches in this industry. As Deloitte notes, the manufacturing sector may be targeted not only by hackers and cyber-criminals, but also by competing countries and companies engaged in corporate espionage, whose motivations can range from money and revenge to competitive advantage and strategic disruption.

What poses an even greater problem is that when these breaches are successful, yet go undetected, they allow hackers to establish footholds in organizations’ networks where they have free reign to wreak havoc over extended periods. This is a problem if we consider that 37% of manufacturers recently surveyed, indicated they do not have an incident response plan in place. This is very concerning as manufacturers’ IT security liabilities often impacted not just the manufacturing organizations, but suppliers, as well as related industries and consumers.



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