From Theft, Fraud to Chaos – How to prevent hacking attacks

As data storage and cloud solutions become more complex and usage use more widespread, hackers are becoming more opportunistic and ready to wreak chaos with hacking attacks. Gone are the days of celebrity phone lines hacks, elaborate email scams and detectable viruses. Over the past decade hackers have developed into its own breed of Trojan horse – hacking attacks are invisible, agile and malicious, hosting and infecting security systems undetected for long periods of time.

At Cryptoloc we like to think we are a level-headed bunch, systematic in our thinking. However, to us the idea that nothing was safe in the cloud was true. As dramatic as it sounds, it was a harsh reality. Individuals, small businesses and conglomerates alike remained susceptible to data breaches.

Hacking Attacks

In recent years, we have beared witness to numerous hacking attacks, from identity theft, financial fraud or large-scale data theft from institutions such as universities and hospitals. We live in an information era. In 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook provided a stark revelation at an international security conference in Brussels:

‘“Our own information, from the everyday to the deeply personal, is being weaponised against us with military efficiency” Information is now being weaponised sold by hackers making way for a new black marketing – the data trade,” he said.

During the rise of the data blackmarket, Cryptoloc founder Jamie Wilson was assembling a team of encryption experts to devise a solution in a world geared to cloud sharing and open source technology. Our team at Cryptoloc tackled security vulnerability head on, searching for a new security solution that could render hackers to their kness, defeated and with empty pockets.

After years of research and development we devised a solution to the chaos and insecurity - Cryptoloc technology was borne. First implemented through their data storage product, Your Digital File (YDF), the Cryptoloc team had developed a form of unique encryption technology, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of personal information and critical data is maintained.

Our technology is a simple solution to a complex problem. Once you have access to our affordable technology you are given a unique encryption key. Your data is then split into three parts and stored separately in three different secure locations, stored in your personal cloud. Although we can’t access your information, so hackers can’t either, you are given your own Cryptoloc custodian to restore your information if you lose your unique encryption key. We also knew that data is pointless is you can’t share it securely, so we ensure fully encrypted data sharing to and from third parties.

We firmly believe in accountability and security guaranteed, and especially stamping out hacking attacks and user vulnerability. Cryptoloc Technology is the first of its kind in the world that ensures data is virtually unbreachable. Although the future of technology will be bumpy because rapid innovation always comes with profound vulnerabilities, Cryptoloc gives people peace of mind and security when sharing and storing their data.