Secure2Client a cybersecurity encryption software solution

There is nothing the Cryptoloc team love more than a challenge.  We identify data storage and cybersecurity encryption problems and work through the blood, sweat and tears to devise a plausible solution. Our Crypotoloc team has worked tirelessly to developed the secure2client, a cybersecurity encryption software solution service that enables the secure transfer of documents through our unique encryption technology.

Our Secure2Client product was created because the era of cloud technology was falling short of its promises to customers. Gone are the days of secure file sharing, password protection, firewalls and private email servers as secure means of protection. Within companies and between businesses, the sharing of critical information through emails was quickly becoming a gateway for spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

In the eyes of the law, there was no secure solution that would enable the signing of legal documents when both parties could not be physically present. For documents to be recognised as legitimate a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Declarations had to be present or other designated professionals to witness the signing. Australia is a vast and geographically disjointed nation, clients living in rural areas were forced to travel great distances to sign documents.

We believe that finding a problem and challenging yourself to solve it is one thing, but the real challenge lies in testing your solution. Will it work? Does is translate into real world scenarios? And is it user-friendly and realistic? Will it stand up in court?

These variables are exactly what we wanted to test with our Secure2Client product as the first of its kind. The Secure2Client cybersecurity encryption technology was developed over the course of seven years, our team ensuring a world class security solution would give businesses complete security and peace of mind when transferring vital information.

We partnered with Queensland’s oldest law firm, Reer R & Sydney Jones, a pillar in the central Queensland’s legal community. The firm wanted a technology solution where clients could sign legal documents with their authenticity and integrity able to stand up in a court of law. So, together we put Secure2Client to the test.

With Secure2Client the law firm was able to track documents and verify they were only accessed by the intended recipient through its multifactor authentication. Secure2Client successfully maintained the integrity of all documents transferred. Our technology was easily intergrated into Reer R & Sydney Jones’ existing IT system.

Our cybersecurity encryption technology removes traditional barriers, capturing signatures on contracts to validate identity. The way it works is your document is encrypted in the cloud with our cryptographically unique technology protected by three layers of encryption.  You can then share the encrypted document with a third party, and they accept or digitally sign the document which comes back to you with an attached certificate of approval which is linked to the document

Since adopting Secure2Client, Rees R & Sydney Jones can send legal documents securely to clients in remote areas to sign and the authenticity of legal documents are now assured. There is no need for clients to travel extensively to have legal documents witnessed, eliminating delays in the executing of contracts.  Cryptoloc’s unique cybersecurity encryption technology proved virtually un-hackable, changing the legal industry forever.