Cybersecurity solutions: The Cryptoloc trifecta

In today’s digital landscape demand for data security, cloud storage and cybersecurity solutions is rising.  However, it can be near impossible for consumers to distinguish what cybersecurity solutions are best suited to them and what services are genuinely secure.

When we were establishing our company, we didn’t write down what we wanted to be but rather who we are. We let the quality of our patented encryption technology speak for itself. From here our values of trust, authenticity and control were developed.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cryptoloc’s cutting-edge technology was created after we discovered a complete lack of consumer understanding around data storage and cybersecurity solutions. The absence of general cybersecurity knowledge created a culture of vulnerability. Furthermore, we realised no one’s data was truly safe, as empty promises of control exceeded the abilities of any available technology.

The value of trust we have in our Cryptoloc family has a ripple effect, instilling trust in our customers. We believe trust cements customer relationships and longevity. When you ask, ‘are you using Cryptoloc?’ trust that your data is in the right hands (or rather cloud).

We do not take lightly the trust customer’s place in us to keep their critical information secure. We are dedicated to building trust, after witnessing increasing consumer scepticism and cynicism towards cybersecurity. At Cryptoloc we believe trust and authenticity go hand in hand.

But what does authenticity mean? Our approach to authenticity as a value is twofold. We strive to be authentic in ourselves and to our customers. We are dedicated to creating high-value data security and cloud storage solutions. On the other side of the coin, we promise to maintain the authenticity and integrity of data through data verification and anti-fraud safeguards to prove authenticity.

Lastly, control as a value. The demand for control to be placed back into the consumer is the golden ticket to building trust and authenticity.  It is the high quality of our unique encryption technology that gives control back to the user. We understand the stakes for individuals, businesses and organisations. Data is a highly valuable resource, can be weaponised and difficult to securitise. Before Cryptoloc’s encryption technology, other available products were not secure enough to give user’s full control over their own data.  Customer confidence is strengthened and maintained through the fundamental trust that they are in full control of their data and critical information.   Therefore, we ensure our customers are in full control of their data while stored or in motion.

Our Cryptoloc value trifecta is paramount, not only to the customer but to us -  it is the crux of who we are. It is our vision to be the number one cybersecurity solutions technology company globally, leading innovation and change.  We want people in control of their data at every given moment. When people think trust we want them to think Cryptoloc and feel secure they have  uncompromising cloud-based technology solutions.