Cryptoloc Technology for C-Suite Execs & Board Members

Working with business leaders to address security and governance issues around information security.

For IT, Security and Risk professionals seeking assistance to secure information by integrating secure solutions with the organisational constraints of infrastructure, budget and resources.

With data becoming an invaluable asset and data breaches becoming significantly prevalent in the internet age, the modern CIOs must now structure a general degree of awareness and competence across the organization in cyber security.

What is clear is that if a breach occurs, the more an organisation can demonstrate the protection steps taken, the more it is likely to survive an attack, penalties and retain trust.

We understand that an organisation’s security profile is always a point-in-time measure and continually changes as networks, systems and applications are upgraded or replaced and new threats emerge.

However, with Crypotloc Technology we develop solutions that SECURE your information at rest and in transit. The two largest areas of information risk.

Traditional security measures do not provide the level of protection the company now requires and failure to consider alternatives invites personal and organizational risk.

At Cryptoloc Technology – we are here to help.

Crypotloc Technology works with CIOs, CSO, Risk assessors and management to leverage our combined knowledge and skillset to easily integrate a solution to protect your data. Allowing you to focus on the business and functional requirements.


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