Cryptoloc is innovating data security and cloud storage solutions for individuals, teams and organisations worldwide. We do this with quality, accountability and transparency as our ethos providing you with trustworthy encryption solutions you control.


At Cryptoloc, we understand that our success is not only measured by the quality of our products but by our social impact.


Trust is the core of our business around which we make all decisions. We won’t misplace or take your trust in us for granted. We hold ourselves and our team accountable for the trust placed in us.  

Give your all  

We wear the responsibility given to us as a badge of honour.  We take the trust people place in us as a company seriously. Every role in our organisation is valued, together striving to test new ways to improve the way we do business.  

Get it all  

We respect the trust you placed in us by joining our mission and won’t let you down. You give your all, and we will have your back and be right by your side. Together we will strive to continually improve not only our technology the way we operate as a team. 


Without control, you are never truly secure. We put you in full control and responsibility of your data while stored or in motion.  Remember our tagline, control counts when giving trust.   

Give your all  

You will take responsibility for your role, the results you create for the business and the client. Good or bad, responsibility is yours. What we admire the most is honesty and ownership.  

Get it all  

You step up each day and own your responsibilities, and we will do the same. We keep each other accountable. We will support, guide and assist you to be the very best version of you and achieve your career goals.  


We stand behind the promises we make and ensure that your data can do the same. Data verification is essential to every business. With us, authenticate your data at every stage. Whether it is a product subject to fraud or to meet compliance requirements, we help you prove authenticity.  

Give your all   

As a member of the team, we expect honesty, integrity, and that you will always do right by your customers, team members and the business.  Make sure you are as authentic as the data you produce.  

Get it all  

For us, the team means family. Family means open and honest communication from everyone.   We foster an environment of open, trustworthy communication and in turn expect the same from our team. 


Cryptoloc stands guard protecting your data when it is stored, in use or during transfer. We do this through encryption technology that puts you in full control of your information. Check the products you buy are genuine and organisations you entrust your valuable data are secure.