Blockchain vs cryptography & Cryptoloc QA

Cryptography is an ever-growing branch of mathematics that is increasingly playing a critical role in the future of data privacy. Cryptography is largely referred to as encryption in everyday conversation.
A famous example of cryptography was the Enigma Machine used by Nazi Germany during WWII to transmit coded messages that could not be decoded without a special ‘key’.

Hacking Attacks

From Theft, Fraud to Chaos – How to prevent hacking attacks

As data storage and cloud solutions become more complex and its use more widespread, on its toes are hackers, taking delight in being half a step behind or ahead to wreak chaos. Gone are the days of hacked celebrity phone lines, elaborate email scams from princes in made up countries and detectable viruses. Over the past decade hackers have developed into its own breed of Trojan horse – they are invisible, agile and malicious, hosting and infecting security systems undetected for long periods of time.