Brisbane company moves to end fake steak & protect Aussie produce

Brisbane company moves to end fake steak & protect Aussie produce 

A Brisbane company is using its cryptographic technology to give control back to Australian farmers and enable customers to ensure the authenticity of their produce.  

Cryptoloc’s QA product, which stands for quality assurance, empowers customers to be their quality auditor by tracking the origins of a product, getting recall alerts and ensuring a genuine brand is purchased.  

Whether you’re a beef producer, wine merchant, or infant formula manufacturer QA champions Australian produce in the overseas market to protect against imitation.  

Cryptoloc Chief Data Scientist Melissa Crossman grew up on and still owns a beef cattle property. She says Australian producers put their heart and soul into their farms but have some of the lowest profit margins in the world.  

“Australia is in a unique position as a continent bounded wholly by water that affords us superior biosecurity management and protection against disease,” Ms Crossman says. 

“Nations such as China are willing to pay a premium for our products knowing that they are produced with the highest quality standards. 

“However, our high standards and regulations in Australia increase the cost base, so any premium price paid for our brands must reach back to our primary producers.” 

Kay By Design Founder and Quality Assurance Auditor Sara Kay was keen to come on board to assist in the release and marketing of Cryptoloc and its QA product. She says never before have consumers had the ability to audit their product before purchase.  

“It’s like checking a Gucci handbag is authentic before you buy it, but for Australian farmers, they can ensure the safety of their produce, build trust with consumers and audit retail outlets,” she says.  

“Sadly, in many countries like China, outlets will claim to have authentic Australian products, but the reality is what is on the shelf is far from genuine.”  

Ms Crossman says the Cryptoloc technology, which has been patented in the US, Australia and New Zealand is very different to blockchain and gives producers and consumers the ability to identify imitation products in real-time.  

She says blockchain was the first technology to effectively track the movement and transactions of a product based on cryptographically unique codes. However, she says Cryptoloc adds the ability to monitor and detect any duplication of the codes. 

“Where blockchain is focused on the supply chain, Cryptoloc offers a solution to the immediate problem of imitation products on the shelves without additional infrastructure and at a minimal cost,” she says.  

Cryptoloc’s QA puts security first and has been designed specifically to protect and benefit Australia’s primary producers so we can pick up imitation products quickly and easily, ensuring the genuine product is sold.”  

How does QA Works

A note about Cryptoloc & its founder Jamie Wilson

Cryptoloc was founded by Australian accountant Jamie Wilson who wanted to develop a highly secure platform to store important documents, realizing many solutions offering security on the market were still weak and vulnerable to attack. Jamie sought a solution, where the authenticity and integrity of documents would stand up in a court of law, with no chance of tampering. 

 Furthermore, he wanted to protect the authenticity and integrity of products. He travelled the world, interviewing and learning from leading cybersecurity and cryptography experts. He then assembled a team of world-class specialists to develop Cryptoloc technology.  

 Cryptoloc now has a suite of encryption products to help organisations and individuals protect the integrity of data. Their QA product ensures the authenticity of products throughout the global supply chain.  

 This week Mr Wilson is in Washington at the SINET Showcase, which highlights “best-of-class” security companies in the world that are addressing the most pressing needs and requirements in cybersecurity.