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The Wright Stuff: Meet Cryptoloc’s new Customer Success Manager

February 28, 2022

Cryptoloc is pleased to welcome Katrina Wright to the team as our new Customer Success Manager, helping our users ensure they get the most out of the world’s safest cybersecurity platform. 

At first glance, Katrina doesn’t fit the profile of a tech guru. For starters, she’s an outdoor person – when she’s not helping our customers to implement Cryptoloc’s patented encryption technology, you’ll find her boating and camping with her kids, or tending to her cattle. 

But Katrina has always had a passion for customer service, and it’s that passion that she’ll be bringing to her new role at Cryptoloc. 

“When you’re running a business, I don’t think there’s anything more important than looking after your customers and ensuring their complete satisfaction over the entire lifecycle of your products,” she says.

“I’ve always had a knack for being able to put myself in the customer’s shoes and see things from their perspective. It’s not just about answering their questions – it’s about anticipating those questions, preventing problems before they can occur, and suggesting new ways for them to use your product that they might never have thought of.

“Having spent my career in customer service, I think this is the perfect role for me. I’m excited to accompany Cryptoloc’s customers on their journey with the product and ensure they get the most value out of it.” 

Cryptoloc’s patented technology, which combines three different encryption algorithms into one unique multilayer process, guarantees privacy, authenticity and control of all data transactions.

This ISO-certified technology has been deployed across a wide range of applications, including file storage, document management, ransomware recovery, counterfeit prevention and detection solutions, and the world’s most secure digital platform for customers who wish to develop and build their own products. 

But while the technology behind Cryptoloc is advanced, Katrina says her role is ultimately very simple. 

“It’s about protecting our customers from attacks,” she says. “We want our customers to have the best implementation and be able to use the full functionality of our products, and it’s my role to go out and show them how to protect their data with Cryptoloc.” 

With the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recently reporting that cyber attacks had increased by nearly 13 per cent over the past year, resulting in losses of more than $33 billion, Katrina says it’s never been more important to ensure you’re protected against cybercrime. 

“It’s not just businesses that have to take this seriously, either,” she says. “Private companies of all sizes are being targeted by cyber criminals, but so are individuals, schools, social services, and even hospitals – people and organisations from all walks of life. 

“Many of the people who need the protection that Cryptoloc offers won’t have used a product like this before, so it’s particularly important that we walk them through it and show them how to take control of their data.” 

To get in touch with Katrina and the team and learn more about the world’s safest cybersecurity platform, contact us today.